Reformation, Reign of Christ

These two days are ripe for reinterpretation. One year we celebrated a "Reign of Christ, Realm of Sophia" Sunday, very well received. With the hymn, "In the Midst of New Directions", one can almost feel the reformation underfoot even now. And how we need one!

Reformation Vision (1998)

Our youth offer prophesy of challenge and judgement,
We nod politely with clenched teeth and closed eyes.
Invited to dream dreams,
We prefer the familiarity of the past.
Winds of vision swirl around us,
We close the windows and bolt the doors.
Even on us,
Even here,
The Spirit will pour forth.
Come, Holy Spirit, Come.

Seeing Christ - Matthew 25:31-46 (2002)

Looking for the king
Christ lives in the prisoner.
Whenever we see the captive and the lost,
we see Christ.

Serving in the palace
Christ lives in the homeless.
Whenever we touch the last and the least,
we touch Christ.

Listening for the powerful
Christ lives in the vulnerable.
Whenever to hear the frail and the lonely,
we hear Christ.