The Patriarchs - Summer Year A

Written for Evangelical United Church of Christ, 1999. Copyright Katherine Hawker.

Call to Worship

Our ancient Hebrew brothers and sisters
were thirsty.
Parched lips
and dry souls.
Their voices carried in the wilderness
cries of despair
cries that were heard.

Even today
the people of God are thirsty.
Dry lips
and parched souls.
Voices carry into the wilderness and beyond
cries that are heard.

Come, children of God, come
into the presence of the living God
who listens
who hears.

Prayer of Confession and Assurance

With Abraham
We have ventured forth in faith
and missed opportunities for fear.

With Sarah
We have given generously in love
and ruthlessly destroyed for greed.

With Jacob
We have gifted our children with our visions
and shackled them with our pain.
Forgive us for the ways we have failed you and each other.
Inspire us to live the love you offer.

The God of Abraham and Sarah
knows our selfishness and our shortsightedness.

The God of Abraham and Sarah
who built a nation on human pillars
is building even today.

God has loved you, loves you know, and will love you always.
Thanks be to God.

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