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Lent 3B

Ten Commandments

Based upon Exodus 20 and Matthew 22. Copyright Katherine Hawker, 2002.

Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your mind and your soul.

We will love God with an intensity

such that no substitute will suffice,

the very mention of God's name will be precious

as we cleave to our time of communion with the sacred.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

We will respect the wisdom of our elders.

We will protect the lives and the reputations of those around us.

We will cherish the relationships entrusted to us.

We will not take what is not ours.

We will learn the value of enough.

Love the Lord your God.



Lenten Prayer (Based on the Hebrew Scripture Readings for Year B.)

Copyright Katherine Hawker, 2003.

We seek salvation through our power
Yet you hang your useless bow in the clouds.

We seek salvation through our progeny
Yet your lineage follows lines of faithfulness.

We seek salvation through our independence
Yet your commandments plead for accountability.

We seek salvation through our denial
Yet you hold forth the serpent and beckon us to look.

We seek salvation through our intellect
Yet your wisdom is written on our hearts.

We seek salvation through our heritage
Yet you invite us to make a journey of faith.

May your invitation to journey
overcome our comfort with the familiar.


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