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Invocations and Collects


Based upon Hebrews 11. Copyright Katherine Hawker.


Now faith is

the assurance of things hoped for,

the conviction of things not seen.

We come convinced of many things

but trusting very few.

Holy God of limitless surprises,

meet us here

in this place

as we touch that which we can not see

that which we have not dared to hope.



Copyright Katherine Hawker, 1998.

We bring swords

that you turn into plowshares.

We bring expectations of peace

and you meet us with swords.



help us.



Copyright Katherine Hawker.

Hammers can build up... and tear down.

May our work foster the growth of your kindom, O God.

Words can heal… and wound.

May our speech proclaim your love, O God.

Rituals can comfort… and bore.

May our worship reflect your glory, O God.



Based upon Luke 16. Copyright Katherine Hawker, 1998.


two and more,

competing for our money

clamoring for our time

creating chaos in our lives.


one God,

quiet us and draw us near.


Invocation (paraphrase of Habakkuk 2:1-4)

Copyright Katherine Hawker, 1998.

Write the vision,

make it plain

so that it may be read.

For there is still a vision

it speaks of the day of the Lord

and does not lie.

If it seems to tarry,


For surely it will come.



Based on Mark 9:49-50. Copyright Katherine Hawker, 1997.

God of the salt

God of the fire

God of anger

God of laughter

God of parables and riddles

God of story and proclamation

God of comfort

God of affliction

God of the salt

God of the fire

come now

be now

here now.




Copyright Katherine Hawker.

We feel like mustard seeds, tiny and insignificant. Like unplanted seeds, we forget that it is our calling to be planted in the warmth of God’s earth. May the Great Spirit carry our seeds to fertile ground where the roots of our faith may grow deeply and the branches of our love be broad.



Copyright Katherine Hawker.

With different gifts and varied dreams, we come to worship.

We have lost our trust, misplaced our faith, and forgotten our vision.

Yet God welcomes us in this place and enables us to welcome one another.

May we feel the love of God as we worship together. Amen.