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Easter 7 Outside

Written for the Union Church UCC of Tekonsha, 1994. Copyright Katherine Hawker.

Call to Worship

Let us sing....

Praise be to God!

Who dared to take on human flesh and dwell among us.

Praise be to God!

Who did not turn back in the face of evil and death.

Praise be to God!

Who continues to dance through our lives even now.

Let all that have breath sing praise to God.


Litany of Call

Let us confess what we believe.

We believe in Jesus the Christ.

Yet Easter has come and gone;

the lilies have faded and fallen,

the crowds have slipped away.

We believe in the life and teachings of Jesus.

Real life has crept into our worship;

sharing funerals for our friends,

saying goodbye to choirs for the season.

We believe that Jesus was betrayed, he suffered and died.

We begin to wonder if it really matters;

does our faith really affect our lives?

does God make a difference in the real world?

We believe in the Resurrection,

that suffering and even death are not the final word,

that God can and will triumph even over death.

Amen. Amen.

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