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Easter 3A Outside

Call to Worship
based on Luke 24

We gather to remember
the ancient stories of revelation.
We read from our ancient texts.

We gather to interpret
the meaning these stories reveal in our lives.
We hear from our traditions.

We gather to share
the revelation of the risen Christ.
We experience in ritual and story.

The Word of God for the people of God.
Thanks be to God.

Prayer of Dedication
based on Luke 24

Their eyes were opened.
Our eyes are opened.
They recognized him.
We recognize her.
He vanished from their sight.
She vanishes from our view.

Their eyes were still open.
Our eyes can still be open.
They claimed the truth of their experience.
We can claim the truth of our experience.
He vanished from their sight, but not from the souls.
Even when we cannot see her, her presence is real.

Open eyes,
Recognizing Christ,
Vision beyond sight.
Christ has risen. Christ has risen indeed.