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Pentecost Year B


  • Reflection on the Gospel and Hebrew Lections
  • Litanies incorportating the David Stories

  • Reflection on the Gospel and Hebrew Lections

    Katherine Hawker, 2003.

    The winds raged
    and the disciples trembled.
    Goliath taunted
    and Saul tasted fear.
    Enter Jesus
    Enter David
    staring beyond the fear
    daring us to do the same.

    The winds will rage
    and giants will taunt
    and fear will weaken our gait.
    Still Jesus
    Still David
    offer a challenge
    not limited to wind and bullies
    but beckoning to the heart of the timid.

    Staring beyond the fear
    focused on the greater power
    daring us to do the same.


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    Call to Worship

    Katherine Hawker, 1997.

    Strength is commanding the wind and sea to obey,

    Strength is wielding a slingshot in the face of a raging giant.

    Strength is accepting vulnerability from inside the boat,

    Strength is standing in solidarity with the powerless.

    Strength is turning a cheek,

    Strength is loving an enemy.

    We come to worship

    a God who redefines our vision of strength.


    Prayer of Dedication (unison)

    Katherine Hawker, 1997.

    As we sit in the palm of your hand, loving God,

    May we continue to see your strength revealed

    In the vulnerability…

    The dying, the crying, the rising

    Of your people.

    May our seeing thus inspire our acting.


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    Summer Year B - Reflections on the David Story

    These prayers written for the summer cycles which includes the amazing stories of David. Written for Evangelical United Church of Christ, 2000. Copyright Katherine Hawker.


    God of Bathseba, we come yearning for

    wisdom to embrace life

    despite its tragic complexity.


    God of Tamar, we come in search of

    strength to endure

    the horrific consequences of untamed greed.


    God of Michal, we come claiming

    courage to name the insults offered even now

    that belie your goodness.


    God of the Story, meet us today

    with living waters abundant

    to quench your thirst.


    Litany of Confession and Promise

    David loved Jonathon

    yet he wore the uniform of Jonathon's killer.

    David danced for joy in the streets

    while Michal bore witness to his drunken excess.

    David's power and status grew

    as did his scorn of the blind and the lame.

    David wanted to build a temple

    thus proving his devotion.

    David built a legacy of broken lives

    thus proving his culpability.

    We are David,

    mourning the loss of our love and our innocence.

    We are David,

    guilty of exploiting those entrusted to our care.

    We are David,

    unexpected hero and unrepentant scoundrel.

    We are David,

    we belong to God.


    Prayer of Dedication

    Gather the gifts of our hands and hearts, living Spirit.

    Use these gifts to build not monuments to your distant glory,

    but testaments to your intimate love. Amen.


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