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Pentecost Year B


Call to Worship (for EUCC 2000)

Jesus asked them,
Who do you say that I am?

Elijah, Prophet, Rabbi.
Son of God, Messiah, Christ.
The Way, The Truth, The Life.
Savior, Shepherd, Friend.
The last, the least, the lost.

Jesus asked Peter.
Jesus asked Pilate.
Jesus asks us.
Who do you say that I am?


Statement of Believing (honoring questions, 2006)

We believe in God
who creates mystery
and revels in ambiguity.
We are inquisitive by nature.

We believe in Jesus
whose life and teachings
offered more questions than answers.
We are students of enigma.

We believe in the brooding Spirit
who leaves us discontent
We are a people on a quest.

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