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Advent-Christmas Communion Liturgy

Copyright Katherine Hawker.

The following liturgy is meant to be used with Advent and/or Christmas Carols interspersed before and after each stanza. "O, O Come, Emmanuel" and "Joy to the World" were my choices. An alternative to the musical refrain is to have the congregation claiming "This is very good."

God spoke in the beginning;

out of darkness came night and day,

out of emptiness came creation,

out of loneliness came humankind.

And God said, "This is very good."  


God spoke when the world was troubled;

giving voice to prophets from the earliest days,

moving through Mary as she gave birth to her child,

crying as a vulnerable baby lying in a manger.

Still God said, "This is very good."  


God speaks today;

breathing energy into our weary lives,

challenging our celebrations and sharing our pain,

dancing with songs of justice and peace.

Now we know that, "This is very good."