Advent Themes

(Each of these resources include prayers for the Advent candles.)
  • Advent with Mark (2008/11)- Year B
      These resources are an attempt to integrate a different set of readings from Mark's gospel as we prepare to welcome the Holy One. Texts, themes, prayers, and suggested hymns and children's stories are offered for each week.
  • Peace Prayers (2001) - Year C
      These prayers were a response to the violence erupting in our world and should be tailored to fit the context in which they are used. Use current headlines. Hymn note: Deb Patterson wrote an excellent hymn, "We Pray for Peace", to Greensleeves.
  • "Lift the Veil"  Any Year
      Believing that Christ is alive among us, our Christmas preparations are not for a coming event but rather for clarity of vision to recognize what is already here. Thus we are invited to "lift the veil". One source of inspiration for this endeavor is from the wonderful field of Children's Literature. Many of our theological claims are embodied in beautifully illustrated books. The following books, with scriptural notes, are chosen to move us through the process of "unveiling" the already - if not yet - of the Kingdom of God.
  • Incarnation - Year A (Isaiah)
      Candle lighting prayers exploring the Advent of Incarnation. Preparing for the Paradoxical, the Offensive, the Ordinary, and the Vulnerable
  • The Light Shines  - Any Year
      A complete curriculum (Themes, Scriptures, Actions, Writing Activity, and Prayer) for children and families based upon John 1:5.
  • New Again - An Advent Journey  - Any Year (all four gospels)
      Each gospel writer begins the story of Jesus' life in a different place, each vantage offering a distinctive view of their newly emerging community and its purpose. When we have a new story to tell, change to assimilate, where do we begin? Let's look to the gospel stories in search of clues for approaching change. Illustrations note: Fr. Edward Hays (Forest of Peace) has a series of Christmas images that are fabulous with this theme (2003)
  • Hope-Peace-Joy-Love
      Simple candle prayers and also poetry. Written for Year B, but not Lectionary specific.



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